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Howdy Neighbors,

Thank you for taking the time to get to know about us.  In 1996 the northern Hillsborough location re-located on 32 acres and ajoins a 350 acre preserve.  This great ranch is complete with cool Florida woods, creeks, and a lake, not to mention critters.

Please take a moment to explore our wonderful site and come on in for a trail ride.


In The Breeze Ranch has a variety of special events that will be outlined here as they are announced and become available.



November to April - Hayrides and bonfires from 6-9 pm for groups of 10 or more.

June to August - Summer camp with lots of horseback riding and private lessons.

Fundraiser: October Haunted Horse A Ween is every Friday and Saturday nights in all of October, every year.Back by Popular Demand

October - Halloween fundraiser every friday and saturday night.
This includes food, hay rides, scary rides, costumes, pony rides, horse rides, and a giant fire. Lots of people show up on those nights and it is a good time for everyone involved.

November - Thanks giving camp.

December - Christmas camp.

February - Valentine's Day Moonlit Ride, Bonfire, & Champagne - $99 per couple

March/April - Spring Break Children's Horse Camp