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Summer Camp


Spots are running out. Contact us as soon as possible to book this great adventure:

Summer Camp (Suggested Minimum 2 Weeks)

Ages 5, 6, 7 and 8  $79 a day 9:15 - 3:45 Color Group: Green
Ages 9, 10 and 11  $59 a day 8:00 - 5:00 Color Group: Yellow
Ages 12 to 17, $39 a day, 7:30 - 5:30 pm Color Group - Orange
  (Camp hours are 9:30-3:30, early and late hours are considered "chore time" Campers will be helping, feed, clean, bathe, etc in the barn)


Download summer camp information below. 

Don't Forget $7 for Lunch & Snacks or bring your own,
Snacks & Drinks available in the kitchen.
Remember everyday includes up to 2 lessons and up to 2 trail rides, normally $216 for both, A Great Savings!

Please arrive on Time! Certified and Intermidieate Campers must arrive by 9:00 AM, they will saddle and leave the barn by 9:15 AM for their "first" ride of the day.
Beginner Horsemanship Certification Testing 
Thursday of the Second Week.


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Eligibility Criteria for ALL participants: Horseback Riding is a very physical outdoor recreational activity. All riders must be able to mount and dismount without assistance (if needed) and ride for 5 miles. For your safety, we must caution you that horseback riding is not at all similar to golfing or bicycling or any other sport activity. Advancing age, obesity, hip and knee replacements, arthritis, back and neck pain, decreased motor skills and other physical issues can certainly interfere with the rider's ability to balance, stay seated or even hold the reins. Participants must be able to understand the language of the attending personnel and follow visual or verbal aid. Participants must have the ability to independently remain seated and balanced on a horse in motion while simultaneously directing a horse's travel and speed for approximately an hour. A participant must also be able to withstand exposure to the outdoors for a period of 90 minutes. All participants must be sober and of sound mind to understand the inherent risks of horseback riding and complete and execute a liability release contract. Please estimate your abilities wisely and/or consult your doctor. You are welcome to contact Management, Samantha Slack @ (813) 735-5089, with any questions or concerns with regard to the scope, territory and definition of this activity, inclusion and participant responsibilities.